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Love Gone Wrong Strip Comic

Love Gone Wrong - Attempt #8

posted on Friday, 2nd April 2010 | Permalink

At a funfair..
Her: Cute teddy bear!! (screams)
Her: I want it.. I want it.. I want.. the teddy !!! (screaming from far)
Her: I'll treat you nice if you get me that teddy
Him: Really.! (while imagines kisses in clouds)
(After hours and countless tries)
Her: Are you done yet?
Him: Just one more try, honey. (while talking to her)
Him: One more please. (while talking to cashier)
A kid: Mr, it's my turn now
Him: Wait up! (while talking to the kid)

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#1: hello commented on 6th April 2010
kelakar la.. :-)
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#2: Ikmal Ezzani commented on 6th April 2010
hi hello! thanks. hepi sbb u rase kelakar. *wink*
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