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4th March 2010
I'm a fake?
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Mm. Well, after hours spent to sketch and color on my tablet. While hoping silently to discover a new character for my comic. I end up with a kinda cute character. Turns out, it's not actually unique.!! *aaarggh!!* *asfajshdlg!!*

I should've make my research first. My character look pretty much the same to the already famous character. *stupid me!*

Now, I need to make a new one. I absolutely gonna make a research after this. *goddammit!!*


roboll in beta


I'm really pissed. The character I mention is AO Maru. Google them. Not hard enough, you should found around 100,000++ result (*dammit*). But still, he's character are pretty darn good.

*i'm cursing, i'm cursing, i'm cursing*

#1: anon commented on 6th March 2010
yours a cool character though.
#2: Ikmal Ezzani commented on 7th March 2010
Thank you anon, I have created a new one now and there will be complete set soon. Stay tuned.