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2nd March 2010
Trishaw Assassin
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Last weekend, my girlfriend, few buddies and me, went for a short trip to Malacca. Being a city of history in Malaysia, we decided to take a random tour there.

One place lead to another, we landed our feet somewhere near A'Famosa. The place are crowded with trishaw looking for tourist. All the carts are installed with speakers. So there's kinda music everywhere. Then, there he was, the assassin.

The only one with the music that could make a cat feel intimate with a bear. Rock Music! He paddles without stopping and try to hit everyone he can. His face could make any man pants sweat. The best part is, his face really respond to the music. I bet he's a real paid assassin on a leave.


assassin in a trishaw


Rumor has it that he will absolutely hit anyone who favors Jazz. So, beware and be prepare. They're everywhere.

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