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I'm Ikmal Ezzani from Malaysia. I'm a web designer/developer and iPhone application developer. I also love to draw and illustrate some stuff. Though not a master artist, I'm learning.
On the left are my recent artwork with my job status at the bottom. It's automagically change from time to time.

I also rants about my life and gadget that may interest me in my sketch blog *here*. And please read my latest comic/strip *here*.

Even though I spend most of my time figuring out how to de-attach myself from my keyboard. I do enjoy a nice day of roller-skate, hang out and other stuff once a while.

And I still have time to work for you

If you want to look for a web/graphic designer or web developer. Or even an iPhone app developer. I'm your guy. *evil laugh*
For whatever reason you want to contact me, you may do so at the *contact* page.
Feel free to contact me anytime reasonable. *smile*

Best Regards,
by Ikmal Ezzani